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Contesting is an important part of the Brass Banding calendar. Bands are ranked in Championship, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sections. Flixton Band currently competes in the Second Section.

Our most important contest of the year is the North West Regional Championships. The 'Areas', as these are known, are held in February/March. Results at the Areas over the last three years determine promotion and relegation. A high placing in any year (usually the top two) also qualifies to represent the North West Region at the National Championships, held in September.

Flixton were the Second Section Champions in 2017 and have once again qualified in 2018 to compete in September at the National Finals in Cheltenham. These consecutive high finishes have earned us promotion to the First Section to take effect in January 2019.


Pictured above: Denis celebrates our win at Blackpool 2017

Throughout the year many other contests are held. Some are set-piece contests like the Areas and others allow own-choice. At 'entertainment' contests bands play a short concert-style programme. The Whit Friday Marches are an amazing annual spectacle. Villages across Saddleworth and Tameside each host a march contest on the same evening with over 100 bands from around the world competing at as many as possible.



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Whit Friday March contests
25th May 2018

Recent Results

2018 - 2nd Section

Areas - 3rd

2017 - 2nd Section

Leicester - 2nd
Rochdale - 7th
National Finals - 8th
Uppermill - 1st
Areas - 1st

2016 - 2nd Section

Rochdale - 11th
Brighouse - 1st
Morley - 1st
Areas - 11th
Preston - 6th

2015 - 2nd Section

Rochdale - 6th
Morley - 1st
Denshaw - 1st
Lees - 1st
Scouthead - 1st
Uppermill - 1st
Areas - 13th

2014 - 1st Section

Uppermill - 1st
Areas - 15th

2013 - 1st Section

Fleetwood - 5th
Areas - 11th
Preston - 3rd

2012 - 2nd Section

Fodens Quartets - 2nd
Fleetwood - 1st
Elland Quartets - 1st & 3rd
Lees - 2nd
Scouthead - 3rd
Areas - 5th