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11/12/17 - Carolling Season

It's been a busy week or two for the Bands and there's more to come in the run-up to Christmas.

The two bands played our annual Christmas Concert at St Clement's Church in Urmston to begin the festive season. This was a great success with a bigger audience year on year. The programme ranged from Vivaldi's Four Seasons to The Empire Strikes Back, with original works, traditional favourites and even some poetry blended in.

Last weekend we were in carol concert mode to support the Davyhulme Golf Club annual celebrations. With most players having braved the lunchtime snow playing carols in Stretford or Urmston, our lips were relieved to call it a night after two encores. Still, always very nice to be appreciated!

Carolling continues on Thursday evenings and Saturday lunchtimes at the Tesco on Chester Road, Stretford and the Eden Square Sainsbury's in Urmston. If you see us please do stop to say hello. We take requests as well as donations!

22/11/17 - Christmas is coming!

The band completed their 2017 contest programme with a well-deserved second place at the Leicester contest. We played Music of Legacy by Steven Ponsford. The adjudicator was clearly impressed and said there was very little to separate the top three. Our congratulations go to winners, Crofton Silver from Yorkshire. who also had quite a trip to make.

We now turn our attentions fully to the Christmas Programme. This is a vitally important season for the band. Collections from carolling and concerts at this time of year are our major source of income to keep us in accommodation, music and instruments throughout the year. Please give generously if you see us out and about. We will be at the Eden Square Sainsbury's and Chester Road (Stretford) Tesco on Thursday evenings and Saturday lunchtimes.

Our Community Band will also be out at these events, as well as at the switching on of the Christmas lights for Urmston (Friday 6pm) and Eden Square (Saturday 1pm).

Even better, why not come along to our joint Christmas concert on the 1st. This takes place in the St Clement's Church and is the perfect way to begin your Christmas season.


13/11/17 - Remembrance

The band was honoured once again to take part in the annual Service of Remembrance at the Stretford Cenotaph.

We gathered early to beat the road closures and played hymn tunes before and during the service. The parade appears to grow each year and we were asked to move forwards to allow room for the increased numbers of scouts, cadets and other groups paying their respects. Pictures from yesterday morning can be seen in our Photogallery.



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