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Flixton village, originally founded by a Viking called 'Flikke', has previously been spelt as Fleece-Town, Fflxton, Fluxton and Flyxton. It is a small suburb 6 miles from the centre of Manchester in the Borough of Trafford. The Band has been a part of Flixton's history since 1877. For more information on the history of the band click here

The band rehearses on Mondays and Thursdays at the Coach House on Flixton Road (M41 5GJ). Both rehearsals are 8pm to 10pm.

Thanks to a partnership formed in May 2013 our training band, the Flixton Community Band, rehearses at Flixton Junior School on Delamere Road (M41 5QL) from 10am to noon each Saturday. Let's hope it contributes towards bringing us even more success going forward!

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The Band rehearses 8pm Mondays and Thursdays at the Coach House.

The Community Band rehearses 10am Saturdays at the Flixton Junior School.

If you are looking for a band in the area contact us on flixband@aol.com
or pop along for a rehearsal. All players will be made very welcome!