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Memorable Moments Archive

Alan Kelly (1972-Present)

"In 1994 the band competed at the Fleetwood contest in the local Championship Section. We won the contest, and in doing so, I was able to complete the personal goal of having won at every level of competition with Flixton Band"

Mike Rowley (1973 - 1977 & 1988 - 2010)

"1993 - Denmark Tour- The band had travelled to Denmark as the guests of The Chapean Band (who themselves had visited Flixton 2 years previously).
Flixton Band was then riding on the crest of a very successful wave, having been runners up at the previous year's National Finals. The band gave a number of concerts during the week, including one at the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
The final night saw the band give a joint concert with Chapean. Flixton performed the second half. It was an unbelievable performance by the band, who that evening attained a standard of playing that has never been improved upon since.
The concentration among the players was incredible, the playing brilliant, and the longer the band played, the better they became. What a night!!!!

1998 - National Lottery Grant- Flixton was awarded a National Lottery Grant of £50574 to purchase new instruments. This was the culmination of 2 years hard work, and enabled the band to have top class equipment for the first time in its history. In addition to being the only Brass Band that successfully applied within Trafford, the band was also one of the first organisations within Trafford to secure a National Lottery Grant. The atmosphere at the rehearsal when all the instruments arrived was like Christmas morning. Although the instruments have since been replaced with a new set, and there has been a lot of hard admin work carried out by a few dedicated band officials, all involved will agree, it was worth the effort.

2003 - Playing Paganini Variations at The Brass at The Guild Contest, Preston. After returning to the new Bandroom at Flixton in November 2001, the band had struggled for players. By March 2002 there were only 5 players remaining. Refusing to give up, and against all the odds, the five set about trying to rebuild the band. Hardly any players or conductors would join as, to them, the situation seemed hopeless. Gradually, however players started to come along and we found a committed conductor in Ewan Campbell. At the contest, in February 2003 (Still without a full band, and with new players joining as late as 3 days before) we played Paganini Variations, which is regarded as one of the most demanding contest pieces in the Brass Band repertoire. The players gave a very creditable performance.Flixton Band had turned the corner. Look at us now, what a fantastic bunch of people, and what a great band to be in!!"



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Memorable Moments Archive

Alan Kelly (1972-Present)

Mike Rowley
(1973-1977 &1988 -2010)



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