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Percussion - Helen Hopkin

Helen started playing the euphonium at the age of 7 at Gig Mill primary school. She says that “I asked to try a cornet but there weren’t any left and I didn’t fancy the tenor horn.” Her brass band career progressed and she joined various local brass bands and wind orchestras in the Dudley schools band system. This culminated in playing euphonium with Dudley Metropolitan Schools Brass Band at the Schools Prom in the Albert Hall and a 10 day tour of Chicago and Indianapolis in 1995.

While at University in Cambridge studying teaching and music Helen joined a number of music societies including the Cambridge University Brass Band (1995-1999). She held the position of Principal euphonium and had a lot of fun drinking beer, going on various tours and meeting brass playing boys including her now husband Gareth Hopkin (CUBBs 1st baritone and conductor, now 1st baritone in Flixton band.)

Helen has also played for the City of Birmingham Brass Band (1999-2002) and had three very happy years with the City of Cambridge Brass Band (2002-2005) where she learned to stroke the knee of their very lovely principal euphonium Cliff Wilkinson (former Desford player). A move to Manchester in 2005 saw Helen join Old Hall Brass in Wigan which she enjoyed except for the drive up the motorway twice a week.

Helen is now working at a Primary school in Central Manchester. She also plays the piano badly, (mainly in assemblies.) Since her first child in summer of 2008 Helen now has 3 children. Rather than committing to regular rehearsals on euphonium she helps out on percussion.

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Helen Hopkin

Dec 2007 - August 2015

Helen's most memorable
banding moment:

Getting one over on Gareth when we first met (the one and only time.)  - I corrected his rhythm in Manhattan Skylines – I was right and he was wrong, we didn’t talk to each other for about two years after that…

Going on tour with the University Brass Band to the North East in 1999. The whole experience was great including playing with Jimmy Shepherd, conducting schools groups in master classes and drinking too much.