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Vice President - Mike Rowley

Mike began playing brass instruments in 1972, when he started at secondary school in Flixton. His music teacher, Paul Crashley, was also Musical Director of Flixton Silver Band. Band Chairman, Stanley Holden was also a member of the teaching staff, and a large number of the brass pupils or ex-pupils were members of the band.
Mike joined Flixton Silver Band in 1973. Starting on 2nd Baritone, Mike progressed to the position of Solo Euphonium in 1976. Voted Bandsman of the year in 1975, Mike stayed with the band until 1977.

After leaving the band, Mike played with a number of local bands, gradually progressing through higher section bands until, in 1984, he was offered and accepted a position in the Leyland Vehicles Band. As Leyland had by then become one of the leading bands of that era, Mike was privileged to learn from some of the best players around. Along with numerous prizes won at major contests, there were also memorable concerts throughout the country, and abroad. The band also appeared on Radio and TV, and made a number of recordings.
During 1988, with increasing work commitments, Mike made the difficult decision to leave Leyland, and gave up playing for 9 months.

It was at the end of 1988, during a conversation with an old banding friend still at Flixton, that Mike and a few ex Flixton players (who like himself had given up "Top-Class" banding), heard that Flixton Silver Band was close to folding. They decided to try to turn the band's fortunes around by re-joining. Mike has been with the band ever since.

In 1996 Mike became Band Manager (as nobody else would take on the job), and has continued in the role to the present. Although now retired from the "top flight", Mike still occasionally guests for some of the well-known bands. (Nice to know he can still do it at his age).
Mike is also heavily involved with Band Association administration, and as an executive member of the North West Counties Brass Bands Association, can be seen behind the scenes at many of the local and major National contests.

There are a number of people who have inspired Mike in his banding career. Mike says
"Paul Crashley - Gave me a great grounding in theory, and taught me to appreciate all styles and types of music, for which I will always be grateful. My first band conductor, Mr Crashley (as I called him), always encouraged young players in the band". "Richard Evans - What can I say, Richard has been the major influence on my banding career. The experience of playing in his great (and young) Leyland Band created a bond between him and the players, which for many still remains. Richard's help and advice given then, and since, have guided me to achieve many of my banding highs. I am delighted that we remain great friends to this day".

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Mike Rowley

1973 - 1977 & 1988 - 2010

Mike's most memorable
banding moment:

"Too many to list, but here's one:-
First appearance at the Championship National Final, at the Royal Albert Hall in 1985.
Having drawn Number 1, Leyland gave the first performance of Cloudcatcher Fell, by John McCabe. The hall was almost full, as Leyland were one of the favourites. The atmosphere was electric, and the band performance superb.
We didn't win a prize on the day, but what an experience. Old Bandsmen say, you never forget your first final at the Albert Hall - they're right".

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