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The Basses

Eb Bass - Dave Hardman
Dave started playing trumpet at age 11 and has played in a number of amateur and semi-professional ensembles over the last 30 years. He was a member of [more]...

Eb Bass - Rob Jones

BBb Bass - Paul Thomason
Paul began banding in 1971 whilst at School and joined the School Band on Eb Bass. He also played for the Warrington Junior Band [more]...


BBb Bass - Alun Irving

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The Basses

Flixton's Bass section pictured before performing at Blackpool, 2017

The Basses are the lower section of the band. They give a solid base for the rest of the band to build the balance around and help the pulse of the music. There are 4 basses, 2 Eb and 2 BBb. The Eb basses are slightly smaller than the BBb and the Eb is sometimes also used as a solo instrument