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The Horns

Flugel Horn - Vicky Finlay
Vicky has been playing the cornet since 1987 (doesn't time fly when you're having fun!).  Vicky started with [more]...

Solo Horn - Jess Wilson

1st Horn - Nick Garbett
Nicholas started playing the organ at the age of 7 when his feet could barely reach the pedals. A lot has changed since then [more]...


2nd Horn - Andy Vail
Andy started on cornet aged seven, and soon joined his three elder brothers in the Portchester and Hampshire Youth bands [more]...

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The Horns

Flixton's horn section pictured before performing at Blackpool, 2017

The Horn Section is another varied section of the band. There are 3 tenor horns and 1 Flugel in a standard band set up. The Flugel has that distinctive horn sound but is pitched the same as the cornet. It is a solo instrument and often works either with the horns or backrow cornets. The player is expected to play duets often with the Repiano, Principal Cornet or Solo Horn. The Tenor Horns, which are used primarily for rhythmic emphasis, work often with the Backrow Cornets. The Solo Tenor works closely with the Flugel and plays solos.

Did you know?

The Flugel is not a member of the Cornet family as is often thought. It is the smallest member of the Tuba family!