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Treasurer - Peter Kelly

It's not as if we have very much, but someone has to keep an eye on the band's accounts. Peter not only works hard behind the scenes without reward, he also pays subs!

When and why did you first get involved with Flixton Band?

"I first joined the band in 1974 as an unpromising young euphonium player. I played in one concert (at St. Mary's school, Davyhulme) before leaving in 1975 to concentrate on my 'O' levels, never to return (much to the relief of the rest of the band!)

"Having helped out occasionally in a tin-shaking role I was asked in 1989 after the band had been through a 'reformation' if I would be band Treasurer for 12 months until something could be sorted. The rest, as they say, is history".

What roles and responsibilities do you have within the band?

"My main role is to count the pennies (literally, we've rarely had any pounds to worry about) and generally look after the band's finances. I also try to provide a bit of support and perhaps even financial acumen to the rest of the Management Team. Other than that I just get in the way".

What is your favourite piece of band music?

"I've always had a thing for 'Music for a Festival'. I also really like 'A Celtic Suite'. Philip Sparke has long been my favourite composer".


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Peter Kelly

1974 - Present

Peter's most memorable banding moment:

"Some years ago (I can't remember either the year or the
section) when the band won the Pontins contest at Prestatyn playing 'New World Symphony'. Flixton played last and having heard all the other renditions I was in no doubt that they'd won with a superb performance. They won by 5 clear points."