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Band President - Ken Rogers

updated 16th Oct 2004

It is with regret and sadness, that we have to report the death of Band President, Councillor Ken Rogers J.P. Ken's  love of music started in his early years, when he joined the local brass band. It was a time of the depression, and although things were hard, music played a great part in his life. Eventually, he moved away from Brass Bands, in favour of Jazz, and Dance Bands (where he could "earn a few bob"), but never lost his love of Brass Bands.

Time moved on, and although he had a family and busy working life, Ken became increasingly drawn into local politics, where he actively served to help improve living and social conditions, within the community in which he lived. For over 40 years Ken represented the people of Partington, and never failed to try to do everything he could to make the lives of those less fortunate than himself better. It is a major testament to his life, that most of the improvements in recent years within his community are the result of his tireless work.

Ken, who was also a School Governor, believed in encouraging children to take an interest in the arts, and especially music. It was this which drew him as a supporter of Flixton Silver Band (as it was known then). Being an active supporter of the band, Ken was delighted to accept the invitation in 1981, to become Band President. He was tremendously proud of his position, and remained so until his death.

It was always his dream to see his band become successful, and after a few lean years, he had the pleasure of seeing the band flourish. One of the highlights of his time at Flixton, was the trip to Denmark in 1993. Those still in the band from that time will certainly have fond memories of Ken, In 1994, after many years of declining the offer, Ken finally agreed to become Mayor of Trafford, and held the office with great success and dignity.

It is worth pointing out, that in addition to his association with Flixton Band, Ken was active in many other clubs and associations. He was a keen Angler, and also had a passion for growing, and showing Chrysanthemums. There are certainly a number of other hobbies and interests which played a part in his life, but such was the quality of the Ken, that you always felt that your group was the only major interest in his spare time. Until a deterioration in health seriously affected his mobility, Ken was always attending band concerts and contests. It was through his valuable support, that we were able to fing a rehearsal venue within Flixton, and thus return home.

Towards the end of his life, it became increasingly painful, for ken to move easily. He never asked for sympathy, but instead, continued to do his utmost, to make a difference to the lives of those around him. Ken was always there, if we needed any advice or input into the running of the band, and was a valuable friend to have within the Borough of Trafford. Ken was immensely protective and proud of his family, and the support of his loving wife Molly, was without doubt, a major factor in his success.

We at Flixton Band have lost a great and dear friend. The people of Trafford have lost a truly great man. Our thoughts are with Molly and the family at this time.


Ken Rogers


The late Ken Rogers, Flixton
Band President and local Councillor.

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