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1st Baritone - Gareth Hopkin

Gareth began banding at the age of seven with Beaumaris Silver Band and spent the first eleven years of his banding life on 1st Baritone in both the Senior and Youth Bands.  During this time the band progressed from '5th' section to 1st section.  Nothing to do with him though, because they've managed very nicely in the championship section without him ever since!

Gareth then played with Cambridge University Brass Band for six years, taking position of musical director in his fifth year.  No competitions to speak of but a lot of beer was drunk and an excellent concert involving Jimmy Sheppard.  “Jimmy heard me giving a pep talk to the band before going on stage - a technique that I'm informed he has now taken up himself.  Jimmy was my most talented pupil ever!??”

Following this Gareth played with City of Cambridge and Rogerstone bands, including a rather memorable trip to play in the Albert Hall in the 2000 Championships.  They played first, fouled up a rendition of God save the Queen, came last and the hangover started at 4:30pm.

Now moved to Flixton band which is just spiffing.  He can walk home from the pub after band now!


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Gareth Hopkin

Dec 2007 - Aug 2015
Jan 2017 - present

Gareth's most memorable
banding moment:

"Winning the Nationals 4th Section in 1991 with Beaumaris.  Wembley Conference Centre.  We won the 3rd section the following year, so it was a massive let down when we only came second in the 2nd section in 1993!"

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