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Solo Horn- Mona Byskov Hylgaard

Mona started playing the trombone when she was 11 but had to swap to baritone shortly after as her arms were too short!! After a year on the baritone she moved to tenor horn and has stayed there ever since.
Mona is from Denmark and started her banding career in the local FDF brass band in her home town where she went all the way and conducted the band for 2 years.
In her gap year she spent 9 months at Manger Folk High School in Norway attending their Music & Brass Band course and also performed and toured with Manger Musikklag (Champ. Sec.)
On return to Denmark she went to university to study Social Work and when not studying and working she played with Silkeborg Blæserne and then Aarhus BrassBand which is one of the top bands in Denmark. Mona was also Solo Horn with the FDF National Brass Band and especially remembers a great outdoor concert with an audience of 14.000.
When Mona first came to Manchester in 1998 she played with Flixton Band and Wingates for 6 months before going back to Denmark to complete her studies.
Once graduated in 2001 she returned to Manchester and now lives with her fiancé Thomas (solo cornet) and is a Senior Residential Social Worker.



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Mona Byskov Hylgaard

1998 - January 2015

Mona's most memorable
banding moment:

" Aarhus Brass Band won the Danish Nationals performing A Dove Descending in 2000. Unfortunately I missed out on The European Championships due to exams at University".

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