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Flixton Band 1889

Flixton Band 1914

Dec 2003 Feature: In November 1914, members of Flixton Brass Band entertained wounded Belgian Soldiers...[more]...
Flixton Band 1926

Flixton Band 1968

Flixton Band 1975

Sep 2003 Feature: This photograph was taken in November 1975 to celebrate the first contest win of the band since it's reformation as Flixton Silver Band in 1967...[more] 

Flixton Band- Denmark Tour 1993

April 2004 Feature: March 1998 areas. The Band pictured celebrating their qualification to the national finals... [more]  

Flixton Band 1999

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Photography courtesy of Leisa Mallalieu, Rachel Langridge, AlanKelly and Mike Rowley
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