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Recent Results

2016 - 2nd Section

11th - Rochdale
1st - Brighouse
1st - Morley
11th - Areas
6th - Preston

2015 - 2nd Section
6th - Rochdale
1st - Morley
1st - Denshaw
1st - Lees
1st - Scouthead
1st - Uppermill
13th - Areas

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Registered Charity No. 1142856

Tribute to Janet Payne

Flixton Band maintains a proud tradition of music making, which dates back over 130 years. The Band is currently graded second section by the National Brass Band Association of Great Britain, the highest of any Trafford Band. Flixton Band is currently self-funding and does not benefit from sponsorship.

Flixton Band rehearses Monday and Thursday evenings from 8 to 10pm

Flixton Community Band rehearses on Saturdays from 10:30am to 12:30pm

Pictured above: Flixton Band at Rochdale, October 2015.

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If you would like to discuss booking either Flixton Band or Flixton Community Band for a concert or event, or would like any further information, please
contact Denis O'Gara on flixband@aol.com

Next Public Engagement
  01 April 2017

Spring Concert, St Clement's Church, Urmston

Next Contest
  26 February 2017

NW Championships,

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